Fall List

Fall List

It’s the last day of Aug! With Sept literally here, all that is in my mind now is fall fashion. The weekend flew by, and the chilly weather reminded me that the time of the year is back where sandals are stored away and closed toe flats are brought out.

Fall List 1

I am so obsessed with this lace up flat, they can truly upgrade your outfit. But being that the price tag is way over budget for me, I can certainly consider this one for less than $50.

I am also loving the idea of something in wine color, whether is a pretty pair of heels or a nice handbag.

Fall List2

This handbag is just eye candy, for a 2,000 price tag, I will keep looking :( .


How about this clutch for $39? not bad, eh? Date night? maybe.


Fall List6

Kate Spade, maybe? I like the size of it, it suits my lifestyle. They also have it in plaid (which is big this season), but I am not sure If I can walk down the path.

As per boots, my list is long! But these babies might just make the cut, the heel is perfect, they seem well made, and they are over the knee :) . A pair of functional boots can last me a couple of years, so I am willing to spend more money on such item. And wouldn’t they look great against a burgundy bag? I think I am in love.

Fall List4

You will certainly hear more about my lust search for those perfect fall additions  :) . I hope you all enjoy a great day!

Fuchsia Flowers


Hi all! Flowers in fuchsia color today. As with any statement pattern, I couldn’t think of any other way of combining these pants than with monochrome separates. When it comes to inexpensive fun patterns for tops or bottoms, ASOS is my first stop.


The end of summer is near, and I am feeling nostalgic about switching bright for warm colors. :( The weather is slowly changing, the nights are so much cooler, sunset is earlier each day, and the stores are all packed with fall decorations!


For now, I will enjoy the last of it. We are stepping out with the gang on yet another weekend getaway, this time to a cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. We are sure to have a good time!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Time Off

Time Off

Hi all! So I might be crazy, but decided Wednesday night to crash my sister’s off time and added us to her California vacation. It was an “interesting” 6hr flight with both kids + Iron Man on hand, but so worth the last minute long weekend trip.


Time Off-

The best gift for me is to see my children have a good time. The downside of working from home is to watch them watch me work. To have them outdoors and enjoying themselves makes it all worth it.

Time Off --

and why not run through uncle while he is buried! :)

Time Off 5

we made a quick stop at the museum…


And for a 6hr hike to Griffith Park (minus kids) !

Time Off3

Time Off5

my sis…


3hrs later…

time off7

So we stood before that famous Hollywood sign before realizing we had another 3hr walk back to the car! :(

Off Time8

It was nice to see a different city view from on top.



Now back to grown up life :) , Have a great day!!

Plain White

In White

Hi, mid-week already :) ! As much as like wearing white in the summer time, I haven’t worn much of it this season. I purchased this skirt during the spring, and it’s one of those pieces that looked easy to style on the mannequin, but once I had it on, my mind went blank.

In White2

So I took the lazy easy way out, and opted for a white peplum. I paired it with cognac shoes to keep it all natural. I have this odd obsession with this color, whether is boots, sandals, bags, or any other accessory. If it’s cognac, it has my attention.

So, let’s grab some coffee and start this day, shall we? And when there is no time for a Starbucks drive, Dunkin D steps up and does the job!  :) !

In white3

Have an awesome one!

That Summer Dress

That Summer Dress

Ok, so I know my summer lust list was long, and even though I did pretty good about not over buying this season, this is one piece I couldn’t say no to.

That Summer Dress 2

There is so much I like about this dress, from the vibrant color to the details and the sleeves :) .

That Summer Dress3

I am not sure if I like it better with the belt or without, but the point is, this one is a keeper.

That Summer Dress1

Dress: Anthropologie, similar / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Shoes: Zara (old)

I hope you have a great one! Step out and enjoy some sunlight!

Summer Casual

Summer Casual

How can a week go by so fast!? I feel like the summer is flying pass me, there is so much to do, and with just a few weeks left, that schedule is getting pretty crowded.

Summer Casual 3

Stepped out for lunch with friends and family yesterday :) . I am loving the peplum style and the detail of this shirt. It’s lightweight, breezy, and white, which to me defines summer lunch.

Summer Casual 2

Summer Casual 1

Top: Mossimo for Target (similar)/ Jeans: Gap / Sandals: Franco Sarto / Vest: Old Navy (similar)

I hope you have a great day!



Good morning and welcome to a new week! I don’t think there’s been a summer where I have consumed more marshmallows than this one. I need to control this or I will be a few pounds heavier by fall. :)

Black & White

Perhaps all the irresponsible eating inspired this fresh polished look. Added a colored belt and pretty metallic flats to keep it simple and practical for my day.


Skirt: Express / Shirt: Loft / Tote: Old Navy / Flats: Report (similar)

Have a great day!

Rethink Pink

Rethink Pink1

Hello Friday! I am taken some time off from work to enjoy the family. The lil ones are anxiously waiting outside, their auntie is coming over and staying with us for a couple of days. Here is my five year old pointing sticks at me, as if I am delaying her big entrance! :)

Rethink Pink2

On our daily fashion topic, I have discovered a new love for New York & Co shirts. Most of their shirts have these cute “secret snap” buttons, that are so helpful for us, the bustier type. I can run around with my kids, without having to worry about showing more than what I bargained for. 😉Rethink Pink

Shirt: New York & Co (similar) / Skirt: Loft (Old) / Wedges: J.Crew (old)

Take some time to enjoy your family and have an awesome and blessed weekend!

Flower Pants


Happy Thursday :) !

I have said it many times before, I’ve never been a fan of loud patterns. But, for some reason, printed pants are my great exception.


I bought these pants at the beginning of  Spring, and every time I wear them I remember how great they feel on. They are so easy to dress up or down, but the best part for me is how simple it is to care for them, just wash and go.

Flowers2Top: J.Crew / Pants: New York & Company / Sandals: BCBG / Bag: Michael Kors

Take time to stop and appreciate something new today :) , enjoy!

White Heels


My fashion debate today: Should white shoes be exclusive to brides & nurses? Or can they certainly work for us, the average girl? 😀 I think they can and they should!

White Shoes

I’ve done a bit of homework on what fashion leader’s are saying on this yay or nay dilemma and want to share with you 2 opinions:

Michael Kors says white shoes are OK for men and women as long as the wearer has kept up on his or her grooming. “They look best with self-tanner and a good pedicure, preferably not red nails.” The fashion designer adds: “You never wear hosiery with white shoes!” Thanks Mike…mental note, check.

Tamara Mellon, president and co-founder of Jimmy Choo, says simple or strappy styles, either a delicate flat or sandal, are best for white: “The most important part of wearing a white shoe is that it blends with your skin and what you are wearing and doesn’t end up being the focus of the look in a ‘shocking’ way.” Interesting, eh?

White Shoes1

I guess the verdict  sits in  the court of public opinion. But nevertheless, I purchased these puppies and I will certainly get my money’s worth! :) Have an awesome Wednesday!