Monday Reboot


:) Hi! It’s one of them days where my mug doesn’t seem large enough for the amount of coffee I need to consume! And since we clearly cannot sit down over a cup and chat, I’ll leave you with some pics of what I saw this weekend.

weekend recap1


The train that just kept going and going :)


Texture & Pattern

weekend recap

Aren’t Horses just so beautiful?


Matching kids, lasted 2hrs before that first accident!


Patriotic Mani :) WP04

Relaxing drive across the mountains on the way back home…


Have a good one!

5 under 20

Hopping on trends is something that will probably never get old for many of us. As I have mentioned many times, I like to bargain for those items of clothing or accessories that can complement my wardrobe and can be incorporated in my daily fits. Here are 5 items that made my list this summer. They are practical, cute and inexpensive. Why break the bank, when one season is probably their life expectancy, right?

Urban Outfitters Every Day Round Sunglasses $18

20 on 20 1

Payless Flamingo Beach Tote $12 –This is an item that will receive harsh treatment from the sun, sand, water, diapers etc. Why spend more than $20 for it?

20 on 20 2

White Dress for every day wear $20 (its actually $30 online, but I purchased it at my local H&M)

20 on 20 3

And in Yellow $20

20 on 20 4

Summer Bangle $15 ($19-20% off right now)

20 on 20 5

Have a great day!

Nautical Wednesday

Red & White

I have a love/hate relationship with stripes. I love them, but they do not agree with my body type as much, so we are in a constant dispute  :( . I feel the trick that works for me is to always define my waist. It gives the illusion of a slimmer top, rather than looking wide.


This reversible belt is so versatile! I will definitely be putting it to work  this summer.


Top: Via TJ Maxx /  Skirt: Express (similar) / Sandals: BCGB / Bag: Kate Spade (similar) / Belt: Via Local DSW

Remember to stop and taste life a bit. God bless. :)

Lunch Outdoors


Took lunch outside with lil ones last week for a healthy, sun-filled break (prior to the restaurant fiasco :) ). I Found some great tips here on how to prepare for the event.


I love picnic baskets, this one is from the Martha Stewart collection at Macy’s. It has dinnerware and glassware for four, perfect for a romantic picnic date or a double date as well 😉 !


I am trying to place an extra effort on breaking my daily routine. Working from home with my children can get overwhelming for all. Something as simple as lunch outdoors is decompressing for me. Plus, it’s also lots of fun, easy to clean, and best of all: loud noises are so much allowed! Enjoy your Tuesday and try something different today!

Spots of Color

Spots of Color

Tackling Monday with a bit of yellow + an easy skirt to style that can make my day a bit smoother. Express has currently the cutest skirts on sale (with their additional 30%, you can find some for as cheap as $13 dollars!) I purchased a few during my visit to NY over the weekend 😉 (because we cannot go into NY and come back empty handed, now could we?

Spots of Color3

I hope you are having a good start to your week!

Spots of Color2

Spots of Color4

Jacket: Old Navy / Shirt: via TJ Maxx (similar) / Skirt: Express / Flats: J.Crew

Friday Lunch

Friday Lunch

So I did it to myself again! I tell you, every time I take the gang out for lunch I come back saying: I should had ordered in! All I could do is sighed between the constant loud babbling, potty breaks, and food “catching”! But no one did guaranteed that life wasn’t going to change, right? :)  Hey, and there is no moment Starbucks can’t make better!

Friday Lunch2

At least the outfit was extremely comfortable! Have a great weekend!!

Summer Pieces


With Summer officially here, I have to remind myself to take it easy with the constant impulse of wanting this and that. After all, it is SO short lived! I tend to rotate items and replace old for new at different seasons, but find that replacing accessories is the most inexpensive way of upgrading my outfits.

Summer add ons2

To make styling fun for me, I try to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. I usually gravitate towards the same styles and colors. You know you do that when friends pull items from racks and say: “this looks like you!”, I cant begin to tell you how I cringe at that :) .

I am not much of a hat person, to be honest. They make me feel like I belong in a different era, and that is why this summer I will add some cute hats to my wardrobe.

I am also looking into these tall gladiator sandals, but having been raised in church, kind of remind me of them christmas church plays (wrapping laces around your ankles I can do, but tall roman sandals…it’s a BIG ummm for now…).

Printed Pants

printed pants-

Mid week already! Printed Pants

I love prints, but I do know they tend to be loud, and when wearing lots of it (such as these pants) I get a bit self-conscious. To balance things out and make me comfortable stepping out, I usually reach for solids and neutrals to compliment the rest of my outfit.

Printed Pants4

Everything in this post ( except the wristlet & sunglasses ) are OLD items., but I do love every piece 😉 . Pants: Kate Spade (cute ones)/ Shoes: Zara / Wristlet: Kate Spade

Enjoy your day! :)

Farewell Spring

Bye Bye Spring1

It almost feels like spring gave us a last day teaser right before summer’s official entrance!

Sunny + 60 degrees is our weather fun at the pretty country side of Pennsylvania.

Bye Bye Spring

I hope you are having an awesome Father’s Day ! God bless! :)